Day 5 – Four goodbye’s

Four goodbye’s
As we left Fig Tree camp for the last time and head to Keekorok, laying under an over hanging tree was our four lionesses. Making our way along the track we decided to stop and check out the mix of Thompson Gazelle, Topi and Grants Gazelle. These Antelope were at ease with the lionesses not so far away as all can out run the pace of a lion, and in the near mid-day heat they knew the lions would not make chase. Just as we started to move on the four lionesses got up and headed in our direction. “They are coming to say goodbye” Godfrey said, and he was not wrong. It was as if they had come to escort us on our journey to our next camp, as we moved along the road they made their way south, parallel to our vehicle. Eventually the four lionesses stopped and decided to have a sleep under the cover of another tree. It was nice to think they had come to say goodbye to us though.
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